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Kari's Decision
"Hikari!" Daisuke yelled. Hikari leaned against her locker.
"Hey Daisuke," she replied.
"Listen. I got two tickets to Yamato's concert. You wanna go?"
"Sure," Hikari wasn't sure how she felt about Daisuke. She wasn't gonna
pass up on a chance for a free concert. Yamato was her older brother's best
friend, and her best friend's older brother, so it would be nice to see him
"Great. It's on Friday. I'll pick you up at 8:00, k?"
"K. See ya later," Hikari walked to her next class, math, when she saw
Takeru shutting his locker. "Hey Takeru," she called.
"Oh, hey," he looked at her. "I got tickets to Yamato's concert, wanna
come?" Takeru was Yamato's younger brother.
"Ohâ¦Daisuke just asked meâ¦I'm sorry," she said softly. Takeru had taken
a vow six years ago in their first encounter of the Digital World that he
would look after her and protect her, and he kept that promise. They had
become extremely close, but she wasn't sure if she liked him in that way. She
brushed the hair out of her face. Her brown hair had always been short, but
she had decided to let it grow.
"That's okay. I understand. I just don't think I can take another night
of Sora and Yamato. Then Jun of course will stalk them and try to figure out
how to make Yamato choose her over Sora," He faked a laugh.
"Maybe next timeâ¦" Hikari's voice trailed off. She turned. "I have to get
to my next class. See ya."
"Waitâ¦Kari," Hikari turned around, and suddenly, Takeru was kissing her.
It was a soft kiss. She tried to pull away, but soon found herself kissing
him back. When it ended, she opened her eyes slowly. He stared deeply into
her eyes.
"I'm sorry T.K." she said and walked as fast as she could away to her
next class.
* * * *
Friday came quickly. Hikari threw on a pink tanktop, blue capris, and
strappy black sandals. The doorbell rang, and she opened the door. Daisuke
was standing there with a rose.
"Hey," he said.
"This is for you," he motioned at the rose.
"Thanks. It's beautiful," Hikari took it and put it in a vase. "Let's go."
They walked outside. The moon hung in the sky and stars were sprinkled
around it.
"I wonder how Veemon is," Daisuke wondered aloud. They hadn't seen their
Digimon in two years.
"I know. I still wonder about Gatomon. I miss her," Hikari said sadly.
The moonlight shined off of Daisuke's face, making his eyes sparkle. They
walked silently along. She moved closer to him and reached for his hand.
When they reached the concert, Daisuke took found their seats. Hikari
spotted Takeru, who was sitting next to Sora, looking gloomy. He saw Hikari
and stared at Daisuke and Hikari's hands, still intertwined, and he turned
away, looking miserable.
After the concert, Daisuke walked Hikari home. He took her hand, and she
smiled. Her hand started to tingle, and she laid her head on his shoulder.
When they reached her house, she turned to him.
"I had a great time, Daisuke, thank you," she said softly.
"I had a great time too," He leaned forward and kissed her. She closed
her eyes, swept away in the passion. She felt so close to him. How had she
never seen him like this? When his lips left hers, she smiled. He smiled
back. They both leaned forward, and they kissed again. She wrapped her arms
around his neck, and he wrapped his arms around her waist. When the kiss
ended, she whispered, "Goodnight Dai-chan." She opened her door, turned to
him, smiled, and disappeared into her house.
* * * *
"Hello?" Hikari answered her phone the next morning.
"Hiâ¦" A voice said uneasily. T.K.
"Ohâ¦hi Takeruâ¦"
"Did you liked the concert?"
"Yeah, it was good. I'm glad Yamato has found something he loves,"
"Yeahâ¦I saw you with Daisukeâ¦Are youâ¦umâ¦together?"
"I guessâ¦" Takeru was silent.
"Oh, Takeru please don't be mad! We have a special friendship. I don't want
to ruin it,"
"I knowâ¦I just thought we were something more. I love you Kari-chan. Ever
since I made the vow six years agoâ¦I became closer to you. Now, I'm in love
with you,"
"I'm so sorry Takeru I love you too, just not in that way,"
"When I kissed you, I felt something. We are meant to be Hikari,"
"I'm so sorryâ¦" she repeated. She hung up the phone. A tear fell from her
eye, running down her chin, finally dripping onto her carpet. She ran from
her house. She ran and ran. I can't run anymore. I can't run from my
problems, she thought to herself. She walked to Daisuke's and rang the
doorbell. He answered, looking sleepy, but smiled when he saw her.
"Come in," he said. As soon as she walked in, she burst into tears.
"What's wrong? Kari-chan, what's wrong?" The tears blurred her eyes, but Kari
could still see Daisuke's concerned warm eyes looking down on her.
"I don't know what to doâ¦" she whispered.
"What? Tell me Hikari. I can help," he held her close, but she pushed away.
"Takeru just called me," She explained about the kiss the other day, and how
he told her they were meant to be. "I'm so confused. I love you, but I love
him too." Daisuke sighed.
"I knew this would happen. You and Takeru have something I could never
compete with."
"No! You and I have something too!" she said. He kissed her forehead
"Follow your heart,"
* * * *
"Hi, may I speak with Takeru please?"
"Oh, sure Kari, T.KKKKKK! Phone!" his mother called.
"Takeru?" Click. Kari sighed. A dial tone rang in her ear. She hung up. She
ran downstairs. She ran all the way to Takeru's and rang the doorbell. Yamato
opened it.
"Hi Kariâ¦umâ¦Takeru's up in his room, but he won't talk to anyone. His mom
sent me here to try to talk to him, but it didn't work. Do you know what's
wrong with him?"
"Uhâ¦yeah," Yamato got the message.
"Ohhh," Hikari went upstairs to Takeru's room. She knocked on the door
lightly. There was a muffled response. She opened the door. He was lying on
his bed, his back to her.
"Takeru? It's Hikari," She walked to him, and placed her hand on his
shoulder. He flinched. "Takeru? Please talk to me," He sat up and turned to
face her.
"I wanted to stay out of your way,"
She brushed his hair out of his face.
"You aren't in my way. Daisuke and I talked andâ¦T.Kâ¦I'm so sorry but,"
Takeru placed a hand on her shoulder.
"Kariâ¦I understand. You need to do what is best for you. Go back to
Daisuke. I was wrong to get mad at you for liking him,"
"Are you sure you aren't mad?"
"Hikari, you are my best friend. I want what is best for you," He hugged
her and Hikari left.
* * * * * *
Ring! Ring! Hikari rang Daisuke's doorbell. He opened the door and stared at
her in surprise.
"What are you doing here? Didn't you go toâ¦" He didn't finish his
sentence. Hikari wrapped her arms around him and kissed him. She pulled away
and stared into his eyes.
"As someone I love once told meâ¦follow your heart," She leaned forward
again and kissed him. He kissed back, understanding what she meant. She
pulled away once more. "I did follow my heart. It led me to you,"