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A crisis has occurred in the internet again! Diaboromon is back, and is attacking with more power than before. Apparently, even the mighty power of Omnimon was not enough to entirely destroy Diaboromon, and he has returned to continue devouring all of the data in the world.
Diaboromon came prepared. While he himself atacked all of the internet, he sent millions of duplicates of his in-training form, Cramon, throughout the internet via e-mail, cell phones, etc. With his dark army, Diaboromon is quickly devouring all of the data in the world! Izzy catches wind of Diaboromon's plan and sets up a plan of action to counter Diaboromon's internet invasion. Izzy contacts Tai and Matt and prepares to send them both to the internet to combat the source: Diaboromon.
While Tai, Izzy and Matt get ready for a grand battle for both worlds, TK, Ken, Yolei, Cody, Davis and Kari go all over Japan to collect all of the Cramon that have appeared.
Tai and Matt arrive at Izzy's, and Izzy sends them to the internet to battle Diaboromon. Remembering that Diaboromon can easily defeat any of their digimon, Tai and Matt fuse WarGreymon and MetalGarurumon together once more to form the holy power that is Omnimon. Diaboromon is well prepared for this, and summons more of his Cramon army into the Internet. Along with his multiple forces, he is more than a match for even Omnimon! But MagnaAngemon and Angewomon arrive to help, and finally the battle is over, and Diaboromon and all of his dark army is defeated once more!
Or so they all think. But Diaboromon's master plan took into account even his defeat, and another Cramon horde appears. But then Cramon catch everyone off guard: they all flow into the real world! Not only that, but they're all gathering at Odaiba Beach and virtually stopping all flow of data all over Japan! What was Diaboromon's master plan?
The Cramon horde's decision caught the digidestined off guard. Now Omnimon, Angewomon, MagnaAngemon, Tai, Matt, TK and Kari were left in the internet while the Cramon amassed their power. Realizing that the Cramon must be stopped, the only digidestined left with the ability to combat them headed for Odaiba Beach, along with several other children.
By the time Davis, Ken, Yolei and Cody arrived, Izzy had managed to free the other from the internet and send them to the Beach.
Then, Diaboromon's master plan came into full bloom. The horde of Cramon covered the ocean, and before their very eyes the Cramon began to change into a digimon the sheer size and strength of which no one had ever seen: Armagemon!!!
This was the final battle. Armagemon was simply too big and consisted of too much data to send back to the internet. And he would not go down without a fight, even if the Digidestined had the power to beat him. There would be no turning back. The fate of the Real world, the Digiworld and the internet would be decided in one battle.
Omni attempted to battle Armagemon, but in the face of Armagemon's power and darkness, was unable to fight and easily defeated. If Omnimon lost, how could anyone else's digimon hope to win?
Then, Ken and Davis took their shot. Stingmon and ExVeemon became ImperialDramon Fighter mode and fought the beast. Despite his courageous attempt, ImperialDramon was also unabble to defeat Armagemon: The Beast Had won.
But in the face of Armagemon's darkness, the digidestined did not give up. The crest of Courage glowed as Tai and Davis refused to give up. The crest of Friendship glowed as Matt and Davis knew they had to help and fight with their friends. The crest of Knowledge glowed as Izzy and Cody continued trying to find a way to destroy Amagemon. The crest of Sincerity glowed as Mimi and Yolei knew what their hearts felt. The crest of Love glowed as Sora and Yolei knew they must stop Armagemon to save every human and digimon alike (for if they lost or gave up, nothing could possibly defeat the Beast). The crest of Light glowed as Kari continued to fight alongside her friends. The crest of reliability glowed as Joe and Cody knew they could not let both worlds down. The crest of Kindness glowed as Ken fought to save every being in both worlds. And the crest of Hope glowed as TK knew never to give up.
With the united power of all of the digidestined's hearts combined, not just those at Odaiba Beach, but all over the world, a miracle occurred. The Holy Ring appeared, and Omnimon was transformed into the ultimate sword. Now, with all of Omnimon's power focused into one sword, and all of the digidestined's hearts one with ImperialDramon's, he was able to undergo the final change into ImperialDramon Paladin (holy warrior) Mode!
Equipped with this weapon and all of the digidestined in the world aiding him, ImperialDramon Paladin Mode finally killed Armagemon, once and for all!
But Diaboromon (or Armagemon, now) would not lose so quickly and made one last attempt. When Armagemon died, he once again became the ocean of Cramon. But using their digivices, all of the digidestined captured the Cramon, and a beam of light enfolded all of the Cramon and carried them to the sky.